One of the fundamental aims of the company is to offer health and education

The traditional pads are made of weaved cellulose with rayon and latex, a mixture that often cause allergies, irritation and lack of perspiration. It has also been noted that some of the new pads that are put on the market, selling a product that intends to be very absorbent, are completely made up of highly absorbent plastics and powders.

Against these new tendencies, that can cause harm to women’s health and to the environment, we have decided to do just the opposite: look for the most organic raw materials and make the most of new technologies to adapt them to our needs, without altering the composition.

With the will to reaffirm the natural bond of the women to the world that surrounds her, we have also developed a line of floral essences that help connect with the nature itself and to generate new dynamic ways of acting to be able to value ourselves.  



Love the earth as yourself

Nur commits day by day to the care and respect of the woman and the earth.
All materials we use have been selected to have a minimal impact on nature.

To achieve this, we produce through innovation in our design and material, minimizing the use of chemical products. We are completely transparent with the fabrication process and the components.

We, together with our customers, are committed to reducing the impact on the environment by consuming fewer resources in the production process and to minimize the amount of non-recyclable waste.

Our materials

We use raw materials with the highest environmental certificates, and we guarantee that all of its properties are kept intact in the production process.


Global Organic Textile Standard

It indicates that the product follows the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which guarantees that the textile products used contain at least a 70% of organic fiber and that they meet the requirements for the environmental care while sustaining the compliance of social criteria.


PEFC is a forest certification system that ensures that forest based products come from sustainably managed forests. Using products with this certificate, both company and consumer contribute to the maintenance of the ecosystem, biodiversity and also the livelihood of rural populations.

Totally Chlorine Free

Totally Chlorine Free

This seal guarantees that the paper has been bleached using non-aggressive processes for the environment. The used paper pulp has not been bleached with Cl12 (chlorine gas or elemental chlorine).


BPA Free

BPA is a chemical substance found in food packaging and in the thermal paper and carbonless paper. It is highly harmful to the health of people and animals because it produces hormonal alterations that can trigger serious diseases. This certificate guarantees that the product does not contain BPA.


It ensures that the components of a product can be compostable in an industrial or professional composting area, without detrimental effects on the compost quality. Through the composting process, the product decomposes in several months.

Green Dot

This icon indicates that the company that manufactures the product or packaging complies with the waste law. It guarantees the sustainable recycling of the product after its use.