The creativity of the world is born in the throbbing belly of every woman

NUR (in Arabic “light” or “illuminate the darkness”) refers to overcoming the stigma of impurity, shame and concealment still attached to menstruation and to favor the assumption of femininity (the simple fact of being a woman), essential for one half of humanity to be able to fully express itself.

Live according to your PERIODS

#proyectonur aims at approaching the cycle rather than ignoring it.
To feel naturally what is perfectly natural.
To integrate the cycle as a genuinely feminine experience, which opens a door to your intimacy and, at the same time, gives you a sense of continuity and synchrony with the natural cycles.


Its embryo is our small family-owned factory, which has been producing sanitary pads for over 35 years. With this background, we can tell we have cut our teeth in this field.
Its development, on the other hand, is based on a very fresh concept: rethinking the product, by women and for women.

More or less consciously, we have been incorporating concepts related to our way of seeing the world into the project: manufacturing products for menstruation gives us the opportunity to address menstruation in its INTIMATE aspect (being a woman with yourself), SOCIAL aspect (being a woman in community) and ENVIRONMENTAL aspect (being a woman in the course of natural cycles). This is a market full of sympathetic topics that tell the “victory” of women over their menstruation: these feminine discomforts do not prevent them from unfolding into an attentive mother, a captivating young woman or an irreplaceable employee … thanks to products of extreme hygiene, absorption and imperceptibility.

Menstruation as an obstacle is just one more aspect of a scenario that still asks women to pay a high price and renounce to be considered a full-fledged actor in our culture. Even accepting the numerous advances in gender equality, there is no greater equality than what allows us to fully develop. And the next steps will only be taken from a personal assumption of femininity. Woman. Period.

From this perspective, we launch “I am on my period”, an initiative that encourages women to share their experience about menstruation and the treatment they receive in their culture.

Conscious femininity

Understanding the menstrual cycle, as part of a healthy relationship with your body, is another step towards a conscious, personal and collective femininity. Nur Project has developed an intense dissemination activity, through conferences and workshops on sustainable menstruation, overcoming cultural taboos around periods and use of flower essences.

Yoga Nur

In the intensive Nur yoga workshop, the wisdom of yoga approaches menstruation from listening to female physiology, from listening to other women and from observation. We offer master classes and quarterly intensive workshops so that each woman can then continue the work at home or in their usual classes.

I am on my period

This is a testimony project, where women from all over the world are asked to relate their own experiences or characteristics of their culture about menstruation, and to send us their own images giving them visibility and expressing themselves freely. We provide our images with white t-shirts where this motto is read (in several languages).

Join Nur!

Nur Project is made up of restless women, sensible and eager to know their menstrual cycle and their body, as well as to connect with their natural power. In our tribe we help each other, give each other advice and promote the empowerment of our daughters, sisters, friends and mothers.

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