VITEX floral essences

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Chasteberry (Vítex Agnus-Castus) regulates the hormonal cycle, relieves the effects of premenstrual syndrome, neutralizes estrogenic excess and relieves fluid retention. It propitiates optimal production and maturation of ovules. It increases the progesterone levels – the ovulation hormone – having a sedative and relaxing effect. It facilitates the acceptance of female life and fertility as a sign of health and abundance. It is very useful in any hormonal and menstrual irregularity. It is also suitable for irregular periods, amenorrhea, anxiety, tension, mood swings and fatigue. It helps and gives stability in Menopause. It connects with the feminine side of a woman, where she can reconcile with herself or understand what her body is telling her. Regulator of sexual energy and libido, both in women and men.

It acts on the second chakra, regulating and creating harmony in the vaginal area. The energy rises to the fifth chakra, to creation and capacity, redirecting the sexual energy to creativity and creative action. It is regulatory and connects us with the female part, providing the necessary information to balance the physical and emotional condition.

It acts very much on the sexual instinct by redirecting it and instills tenderness in sexuality, in sexual surrender, by connecting with the female pole. Tenderness, love, delicacy are some of the qualities that make us develop.

Dosage: Three intakes, three drops, three times a day between meals.


  • Hormonal regulator
  • PMS regulator
    • liquid retention
    • anxiety
    • fatigue
    • stress
    • abdominal pain
  • Irregular menstruation regulator
  • Menopause Regulator
  • It harmonizes the cyclical vision of femininity.

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Floral essences to regulate the menstrual cycle

Nur floral essences are food supplements. They are made from flowers, with the crystal or geode method used by Andreas Korte for energy transmission, without damaging any living being. Their work is vibratory and they operate at all levels from the physical to the more subtle. We have two flower essences to solve two different problems: Vitex, regulator of the hormonal cycle and Clitoria, liberator of sexual blocks.
[floral essences] “are pure ethereal imprint, since no physical substance is transmitted in them. In its elaboration we deal strictly with the vibration of the plant, with its intelligence.”
Flower essences and vibrational healing, Gurudas, 1989

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