Nur is a Project that was born within the fold of a family business with 35 years of experience in the world of pads. The will to innovate and become conscious towards the environment has enabled the creation of this product.

This quest has not only been outer, but it has also been based in a process, often less visible but not because of this less important, of inside knowledge.  Our purpose was to create a completely natural pad which respected the environment, and which used completely functional raw materials that were also respectful to one’s health. After carrying out many tests with the R&D group in collaboration with our laboratories, we were able to launch our new product. One of the things that worried us most was transparency, that is, every user would know exactly all the ingredients that make up the product they consume.

We are very satisfied to be able to assure that all the materials we use are organic and compostable.

Our philosophy

NUR is a project made by women and for women

We unite our personal paths in it, different experiences and ways of seeing the world, multiple creative forces, nourishment and cooperatives that are, in their diversity, genuinely feminine. Nur comes from recognizing who we are, what we want to do, why and for whom we work.

NUR is a transformative concept

Our “mother” company, Mapelsa, has been producing feminine hygiene products since 1982. Its know-how is an invaluable support, and its plasticity is the key that has allowed, in the development of the project, to completely revise the business environment under a new approach. Nur presents a great productive and commercial challenge, which we tackle by varying the traditional order of priorities. Without neglecting market considerations or producing benefits, they must yield to the signs of identity that our work must gather.

Women’s energy is nurturing and global, it takes care of all aspects, from the intimate relationship with oneself to the work environment, decisions are made on the basis of values that go far beyond the purely commercial, they emanate from a deep respect for nature, both ours and the Earth’s, reaching a certainly necessary and different connection, essential for this new project.

“Connecting with our cycle is connecting with the natural power of women”

In addition, this product intends to give a new approach to menstruation, to perceive it as a natural process, in which a space for women is provided for women to deepen her own being; to abandon the social vision of menstruation as something dirty or something that must be hidden and understand it the way it really is, a part of the cycle that connects us with the earth and offers us a more global and intuitive perspective, a serenity that we must learn to enhance. The observation of one’s own being and the nature of the woman is the best way to understand each other; our intention is to recover the inner wisdom that allows us to act according to what we feel and need, that is, to respect and recover the power of the cycle.